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Shipping Tags & Labels

Tag it. Label it. Keep it straight. Browse our huge range of products and you’re sure to find a label or tag to suit every purpose. Minimize shipping and inventory errors with our highly visible shipping tags and labels on everything from packages and parcels to pallets and shelving. Get your message across boldly and clearly with bilingual “Caution,” labels, international pictograph labels, color-coded labels for inventory counts or stock control, and blank tags for use in tracking and tracing items.

Printed messages like “Inspected By,” “Scrap by,” “Fragile,” and “Must Ship Today,” clearly deliver your handling instructions throughout the manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping processes. Communication is king if you want to get the job done right. And with C&H fast shipping, you can get your shipping tags and labels right now. Get your order in today, and if we have them in stock, they go out tonight.
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