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Parking Lot & Traffic Safety

STOP! Don’t make do with non-professional solutions to parking lot and on-premise traffic issues. C&H offers a complete line of parking lot and traffic safety options like traffic safety signs and traffic safety barricades to increase the visibility of outside work areas. Outfit these areas with signage, curbs, and speed bumps from C&H. Properly mark hazardous work and traffic areas. Help avoid accidents. Draw attention to an area with barrier tape. Use traffic cones when areas need special attention temporarily. Purchase safety vests and high-visibility clothing to increase worker visibility in low-light situations.

Select products, for both permanent and mobile applications, that help you meet OSHA, ANSI and USA MUTCD requirements. High-security locks are available for equipment to be parked outside or in high-traffic areas. GO! Now’s the time to solve your parking lot and safety issues. In-stock items ship the same day you order.
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