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Safety Cans

You can’t be without safety cans. Store, dispose of, and dispense flammables, kerosene, diesel, solvents, and chemicals properly and safely with safety and waste cans from C&H. Dispose of butts from smoking materials away from flammable items by using a butt can with a long poly or metal spout. Collect used chemicals and solvents in wide-mouthed drain cans. Protect against trash fires in plants or factories with cease-fire waste cans. Clean parts thoroughly with minimum exposure to solvents in rinse cans and tanks. Dispense liquids with FM-approved safety cans.

Safety Cans from C&H meet OSHA and NFPA standards. Choose from virtually every type: hose, plunger, pour spout, and quick-disconnect safety cans. Let the storage and material handling leaders help to keep you safe. Brand name, Made in the USA Type 1 and Type 2 steel and non-metallic safety cans are in stock, ready for immediate shipment.
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