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Emergency Eyewash Stations

Industrial mishaps demand immediate response. All the more so when workers’ eyes are concerned. C&H provides a wide selection of emergency eyewash equipment-floor-standing, wall-mounted, plumbed and portable eyewash systems. All are compliant with OSHA, ANZI Z358, and federal & local requirements. Choose the type and material that’s best for your application.

Prepare for your emergency responses with eyewash stations that provide easy access, operation, and delivery of a gentle flow of up to 15 minutes or more-and optimal results. Make quality choices from Guardian and Speakman. Plastic or stainless bowls. Single or dual head faucets. Faucet or deck mounted sink units. C&H 3-Year Warranty and fast shipping When it comes to safety protection, the eyes have it. Thanks to you-and C&H.
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