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Drums, Drum Handling & Storage

If it has to do with drums, C&H has it. Not only drums of every type, size, capacity, material and color, but absolutely everything you need to handle, store, move and dispense from them. Browse away, it’s all here. Drums with various UN ratings to meet regulations. Racks, dumpers, lifters, trucks, dollies, crushers and containment equipment . Down to the last accessory-from covers, heaters, pumps and faucets to vents, grounding wires, bungs and wrenches.

The right drums, drum handling, and drum storage equipment will maximize productivity, save time and labor, and help you to comply with state and federal regulatory requirements. And you can find it all in one place, assisted by C&H online selection guides or our helpful Product Specialists. Your drum products will be American-made, by the top manufacturers, in-stock for immediate shipment or available through our Factory Quick-Ship Program. And covered by our 3-Year Warranty. When it comes to drums, nobody can beat us.