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Wheel & Tire Chocks

If it’s a question of safety, it’s really not a question anymore. Safety dictates which vehicles should be chocked during loading and unloading-and C&H has the answer for every one of them. From cars and trucks to trains and planes, there’s a C&H solution designed to stop potential accidents and injuries in their tracks.

We’ve got a strong selection of industrial tire chocks and wedges from Diamond Rubber and Vestil. Urethane or rubber chocks to provide gripping power maximum on any surface, wet or dry. Aluminum and steel rail car chocks with cleats and serrated bottoms. Rubber airplane-wheel double chocks. Not to mention chains if you need them. Choose the type, size and strength that’ll do the job, at economical C&H prices. They’re in stock, ready to ship. So if you don’t have wheel and tire chocks from C&H on hand-what’s stopping you?
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