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Line Stripers & Floor Tapes

In your buildings and out in your parking lots, you need to guide and protect-and we’ve got solutions of every stripe. Mark hazardous areas. Identify traffic routes. Reduce the chance of falls on smooth surfaces. There are myriad of ways you’ll be using industrial line stripers and floor tapes from C&H.

Select from standard vinyl tapes, reflective tapes, and anti-slip tapes, in a variety of colors and widths. Our RUST-OLEUM Industrial Choice striping paint easily marks asphalt, concrete, grass or metal surfaces. C&H has the economical, high-quality striping products you’re looking for to increase safety and efficiency-along with easy-to-use industrial tape and paint applicators. You can rely on C&H quality. And with our get-it-fast shipping, you’ll be making your mark in no time.
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