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Designated areas are always outdoors because OSHA has banned smoking inside of workplaces.  Each smoking area must be a certain distance from the building entrance, depending on the arechitecture & layout of the building complex. 


In addition, smoking areas must be located a safe distance away from building air ducts to ensure that smoke is not drawn into the building.


All designated smoking areas must display OSHA-approved signs denoting it as an OSHA approved smoking area.


Tips & Tricks

  • Space heaters are great ways to keep these areas warm during Winter
  • Always be sure to check your local laws to ensure proper ordinances
  • Some shelters include benches for comfort, if your unit does not have benches consider adding some for extra comfort for users

In the United States, there are no laws specifically regarding smoking shelters. Many businesses offer such shelters for their employees/visitors, but they must adhere to state laws and city ordinances regarding distances from doorways, windows and ventilation systems.


In California and Oklahoma, smoking is permitted in enclosed spaces. The American Lung Association's "State Legislated Actions on Tobacco Issues" says as long as those spaces have separate ventilation from non-smoking areas and employees are not required to enter them they are permitted. In most states, smoking is prohibited in any public place.

Tips & Tricks

  • Be sure to securely tie your receptacles to reduce theft
  • You will want to make sure you have enough of these receptacles throught your smokers oasis to ensure use from users

Providing a safe container to extinguish and dispose of cigarettes is a critical component of any smokers area.  Without these containers the area will become dirty and full of liter.  These containers also ensure that the cigarette butts are disposed of properly.

Tips & Tricks

  •  Keep the following items in mind when designing the layout of your area; 1 - Age groups of users, 2 - Size of the area, 3 - Keeping the setting non-offensive to patrons tastes, 4 - What types of features are you looking for on the amenities
  • Get started with our break area planning tip sheet

Providing a break/eating area for your employees & visitors outdoors allows for a casual place to gather for lunch or break times. 

Tips & Tricks

  • We recommend heavier cans that stand up to tough weather conditions
  • It is important to have a can located near building entryway to help prevent litter

It is important to provide a visually pleasing convenient and theft resistant container for waste management in your break/picnic areas.