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Picnic Area


Creating employee dining and rest area solutions for break areas outside have a variety of options. Employees relax around square, rectangular or round picnic tables to provide break area for practical convenience. Benches & chairs also provide area seating for relaxing on break time.


Tips & Tricks

  •  Keep the following items in mind when designing the layout of your area; 1 - Age groups of users, 2 - Size of the area, 3 - Keeping the setting non-offensive to patrons tastes, 4 - What types of features are you looking for on the amenities
  • Get started with our break area planning tip sheet

Providing a break/eating area for your employees & visitors outdoors allows for a casual place to gather for lunch or break times. 

Tips & Tricks

  • We recommend heavier cans that stand up to tough weather conditions
  • It is important to have a can located near building entryway to help prevent litter

It is important to provide a visually pleasing convenient and theft resistant container for waste management in your break/picnic areas. 

Tips & Tricks


  • If you want your shelter to be permanent be sure to securely mount your unit to the ground
  • To reduce blowing winds try setting up your canopy next to your building

Rain or shine, the elements can interfere with outdoor plans and damage gear or equipment that sits outside. Whether you're looking to shade your patio or break area, shelter your employees at a company picnic or outing, etc, from the weather.  We have plenty of canopies, portable garages & car ports and umbrellas to choose from. Browse our selection and find just the right type and size now.