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Keeping your employees safe outdoors is a must for all employers.  Ranging from heat stress to street cones there are a lot of things to consider when looking for safety items.  Checkout the products below to best fit your needs.


Tips & Tricks

  • Retractable cones are a great option for facilities short on storage space
  • Be sure to also consider the reflective properties for low light or night time needs

Provide highly visable warning about any traffic, construction or work area.  Cones are ideal for quick deployment and even more important, a quick clean-up.

Safety Vests

Tips & Tricks

  • Different regulations to consider include OSHA, ANSI, and USA MUTCD requirements

Safety vests and high-visability clothing help to increase worker visability in low light situations.  Be sure to check with your local regulations to determine what type of class you need.

Tips & Tricks

  • Also consider barricade tape as a quick way to mark safety areas
  • Yellow is typically used for concerns of a lower degree while red is mostly used when there is an immediate or high risk concern

Identify and barricade areas where health and safety hazards exist that might not be immediately known to the persons who might enter the area.

Tips & Tricks

  • Checkout our quick help Heat Stress Fact Sheet
  • Just 2% dehydration results in a 20% decrease in work and mental performance

Provide elements to keep your employees body temperature at a healthy productive rate.  For employees that are regularly working outside in the sun & heat, be sure to keep cooling product near by to avoid heat stress.