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Having a functional dock is critical to ensure products and shipments get in and our of your facility as expected and ontime.  C&H has everything that you need to get your dock looking its best.


Tips & Tricks

  • Don't forget to properly mount your protector to the ground to keep it secure when needed
  • Security gates keep important inventory and packages secure from theft

Add protection to your facility and prevent damage to costly equipment and your building.  Bollards are a great choice to place around electrical boxes or edges of your dock.  Column protectors keep light posts, signs and support colums safe from damage.

Tips & Tricks

  • Hoppers are perfect for grabage a recycling in your dock area
  • Available on casters for easy movement when needed

Heavy duty self-dumping hoppers are perfectly balanced to roll forward when loaded, dump completely and automatically return to upright, locked position ready for reloading. Featuring large capacities and heavy duty gauges, self-dumping hoppers feature continuous welding to help prevent dripping of wet materials (leak-proof hoppers are available upon request).

Tips & Tricks

  • Cargo bars & straps are ideal for keeping loads stable and secure
  • We recommend having dock lights to ensure drivers and workers can safely see the dock area

Choosing the correct size and capacity of equipment helps improve your dock operation.  Whether you need dock plates, dock bumpers, trailor jacks or dock lights C&H has everything you need to keep your dock running.

Tips & Tricks

  • For a custom strip door approach try buying rolls and cutting the lengths yourself
  • Doors & curtains can also be a great way to keep dirt & dust out of your facility

Strip doors & curtains are ideal for controlling temperatures to reduce loss of heated and cool airs.  These doors offer significant cost savings and even can offer an increase in dock security.