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Recognized as one of the industry-leading manufacturers' industrial safety mats, Wearwell has become one of C&H Distributors top vendors. C&H Distributors carries hundreds of Wearwell commercial mats and ergonomic mats including anti-fatigue mats, drainage mats, electrically-conductive mats, chemical-resistant mats, greaseproof mats, entrance mats, and runners.

If you don't see the Wearwell item you're looking for on this website or in our catalog contact one of the C&H Certified Product Specialists. They can help you find what you need from the entire Wearwell product line.




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According to a company representative of a Cleveland-area medical products manufacturer, the benefits of using the Indicator Bins — including improved stock and inventory control, and ease of use — were immediate and obvious:


• Workers now can let supervisors know that supplies are low without stopping their work... [read more]

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-Mary from Chicago, IL

Akro-Mils bins are wonderful for organizing anything!
-Mary from Chicago, IL

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