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Lewis Bins

LEWISBins+ Polypropylene Bins - 4.1x10.9x4" - Sandstone

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Color: Sandstone
Price: $3.21
Quantity: 1

LewisBins Industrial Storage Containers from C&H Distributors
Manufacturer of innovative, high-quality industrial storage containers, LewisBins has been a respected vendor for C&H Distributors for many years.

C&H Distributors carries many LewisBins industrial storage products including the popular Polylewton Totes, Plexton Stack & Nest containers, and System 12 Bins. You’ll also find an assortment of plastic bins, stack and nest bins, fiberglass bins, conductive divider boxes, and recycled containers, as well bin storage cabinets, bin racks, and assembly trays.

If you don’t see the LewisBins item you’re looking for on this website or in our catalog, contact one of the C&H Certified Product Specialists. They can help you find what you need from the entire LewisBins product line.


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