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EAGLE Double-Wall Flammable Liquids Safety Cabinet - 43x18x44" - 30-Gallon Capac...

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Color: Red
Price: $775.00
Quantity: 1

A leading manufacturer of industrial safety products and warehouse equipment, Eagle Manufacturing continues to be one of C&H Distributors most popular vendors. The Eagle Manufacturing safety products selection includes safety cans, flammable safety cabinets, secondary spill containment pallets, spill containment basins, and drum funnels.

You'll also find traffic safety products like barricades, parking stops, speed bumps and delineator posts, as well as safety bollards, curb ramps, dockboards, and butt cans among the Eagle Manufacturing warehouse equipment options available at C&H Distributors.

If you don't see the Eagle Manufacturing product you're looking for on this website or in our catalog, contact one of the C&H Certified Product Specialists. They can help you find what you need from the entire Eagle Manufacturing product line.


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