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Mats of one kind or another are a must in every workshop. And C&H has them all. Drainage mats for wet or greasy environments. Anti-fatigue mats for your workers’ health, comfort and productivity. ESD, anti-static and electrically conductive mats for areas with highly-sensitive electronics. Welding mats to repel sparks and hot shards in welding areas. Clean room mats that literally pull dust and dirty from shoes. Chair mats for workstations. Anti-slip mats for work platforms.

We only offer mats made from the highest-grade materials by name brands including Wearwell, Anderson, Superior and Relius Solutions. Many mats made of post-consumer recycled materials are available, so while you’re protecting people and property, you’re helping protect the planet. Make your mat selections today, have them on the job in a heartbeat with our quick shipping. And know that you’re also protected by the C&H 3-Year Warranty.
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