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Flip Lid Totes

Do you need containers that won’t collapse and can take abuse? Attached lid totes, also known as plastic bins with flip tops, keep every item stored secured and protected. Find an abundant amount of sizes and shapes that can nest when empty for excellent storage capability and stack when partially filled or full with products from brands such as Orbis, Schaeffer and Akro Mils. These attached lid totes are designed to optimize space while packed in a truck, sliding down a conveyor or housed on a pallet.

Find solid colored attached lid totes with handles that can be designated by color for specific items or choose a clear plastic container where products can be easily identified for security. These plastic bins with flip tops are great storage and organizational bins with lids that close tightly for protection against impact, moisture and chemicals. Choose ecofriendly bins made of recycled material that protect content during picking assembly and processing operation. Lightweight plastic bins with flip tops have handles for easy transport while larger sized bins on casters can accommodate bulk items such as mobile response kits.

Do you need containers but want divided storage for small electrical parts or electronic components? Shop divider containers with clear lids and dust protectors from Akro Mils and Lewisbins+ among others for stackable organization with optional ESD protection. These bins are available in various sizes and when paired with dividers and lids they can protect your most fragile parts. Our assortment of totes and containers help maintain organization and keep parts moving along in lean manufacturing systems. Find storage and material handling equipment at where you will find everything you need with the convenience of one stop shopping.

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