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Bin Shelving

Bin shelving is the way to take your efficiency to all-new heights. Bin shelving from C&H is the ideal solution for on-demand parts picking and components storage, and they’re made to order for maximizing productivity in cell manufacturing. Easy-to-see contents make them perfect for retail displays and general storage. Bin shelving systems make great, colorful parts walls or partitions.

The uses are endless, as are your options. Choose the type of bin shelving that works best in your workplace: wire, rivet, ergonomic slanted shelves, or steel (open or closed). And choose the style: shelf, stacking, corrugated, and steel. Make your choices really yours by selecting from 275 different bin and color combinations! You can design and build your own shelving systems from scratch, or take advantage of a wide variety of pre-configured templates composed of multiple bin sizes or same-size bins. Get top-shelf quality from U.S. manufacturers like Quantum and Akro Mils. 3-Year C&H Warranty.
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