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Stretch Wrap

Looking for an easy way to wrap up and secure your packages to be shipped or stored? Industrial stretch wrap, otherwise known as polyethylene shrink film, bands snugly around boxes or irregular shaped objects for safe transport. This self-adhesive plastic wrap only sticks to itself and will not harm packaging or leave a sticky residue. The industrial shrink wrap with hand dispenser can easily wrap equipment with odd shapes without fear of tearing and puncturing.

Choose industrial shrink wrap that is ideal for your shipping needs whether it be clear plastic for easy product identification or in black or white for security ranging from 60-150 gauge. Each polyethylene shrink film comes on a core that can be placed on a hand dispenser for use as pallet wrappers or for smaller product needs. Find available extended cores with disposable handles and flexible hand brakes giving you fingertip controls for faster and easier wrapping. Polyethylene shrink film provides ease of transport without products falling off of pallets and keeping items secure.

Would you rather have equipment that does the work for you? Shop our stretch wrap machines that handle large loads with the touch of a button. These semi-automatic systems easily rotate pallets on a turntable with user-friendly touch screen control box that is simple to use. For a large capacity that you cannot simply do by hand these machines are ideal for the big jobs. We have your packaging needs all wrapped up with our wide selection of stretch wrap and supplies for any job large or small. Visit for all of your storage and material handling needs with over 50,000 quality products from conveyors systems to paper bags, we have you covered.

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