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Cushioning & Protective Packaging

C&H has everything it takes to wrap, cushion, layer, and fill the voids that make your products vulnerable in shipment. Bubble mailers and bubble bags for smaller items. Air bubble cushioning in various air bubble sizes and roll widths, including anti-static bubble cushioning for electronics. Air cushion bags make ideal all-purpose padding-we offer the bags and the dispensing system. Corrugated cushioning protects glass, metal and plastic products. And corrugated pads are available to fit the most popular box sizes to create solid layers between products.

For void fill, we offer rolls of kraft or newsprint paper, or economical loose-fill dispenser systems. Many of the cushioning and protective packaging products from Polyair and our own Relius Solutions are recycled/recyclable, so you’re creating a cushion for the environment, too. We’ll ship them to you fast. Properly protected, of course.
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