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Pallet Positioners

Do you need an easier way to handle stock and products being stored on pallets or being prepared for shipment? Let our pallet positioners, also known as skid lift equipment, help to lighten your load. Improve worker productivity and reduce injury and strain with the table lifts that can adjust the pallets replacing the need for bending and stooping. Find electric powered Lift Rite pallet positioners with magnetic backed hand control for height adjustability and a surface rotation for great loading access.

Choose pallet positioners that are battery powered by Bishamon and Hercules or select manual hand pumps lifts that raise the load. This skid lift equipment has a fork design that slides onto pallets easily and elevates to a comfortable work height. This equipment is designed to make loading and unloading industrial supplies and products off of conveyors, packaging stations and docks to increase production speed and keep employees safe. Shop skid lift equipment that can also transport such as the Bishamon Unilift fork jacks stackers or battery powered Lift Rite that is electrically charged ideal for punch or printing presses.

Do you need a way to move those heavy pallets after they have been loaded off of a conveyor or truck? Choose from our selection of pallet jacks in a fork or platform design that will get your industrial supplies, shipments and equipment where they need to be. Find a wide assortment of units with varying weight capacities, lift heights and price. Pallet jacks and positioners are instrumental for a productive distribution center, manufacturing facility and warehouse. Let C&H Distributors be your number 1 online catalogue for all of your material handling and storage needs. Visit us on the web at or call 1-888-316-2223 and speak to a specialist who can answer all of your important questions.

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