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Work Lights

Take a great light source to wherever the work takes you-with portable lighting solutions from C&H. Choose from a complete array of tough, rugged, high-quality work lights in a variety of designs and styles to fit the work you do and the way you work. Tripod lights with adjustable, telescoping legs that can extend over 8' high. Portable flood lights with halogen bulbs and water/heat resistant handles. Portable lights with their own gas-powered generator for up to 8-15 hours of light. Floor lights with LED or fluorescent bulbs. Hanging lights with quick-mount hooks. Lights with extra-stable bases for those awkward spaces. Handheld lights for maximum flexibility.

They’re easy to set up, light and convenient to move around, and simple to take down and store away. Get your light sources from the best sources in the business: brands such as Wobblelight, Smith Light, Defender Series ,and Tele-Lite. Get C&H fast delivery and 3-Year Warranty. Browse our huge selection for all kinds of bright ideas.
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