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Tilt Trucks & Trash Can Dumpers

Waste removal’s an arduous job in any facility. But you can put waste in its place a whole lot quicker and easier with brand-name tilt trucks and trash can dumpers from C&H. Tilt trucks are the ticket for large-capacity waste removal. For smaller amounts of trash, two-wheeled waste receptacles and trash can dumpers do an amazing job.

You’ve got a lot of choices. Lightweight, durable polyethylene or structural foam tilt trucks won’t dent or corrode. Steel tilt trucks are tough, take-anything workhorses. Tilt trucks are available in open styles or sanitary models with lids, some with fork pockets. We offer both manual and powered tilt trucks and trash dumpers, from quality makers including Rubbermaid, Akro-Mils and Relius Solutions. Get them quick with our legendarily fast delivery. And know you can rely on our 3-Year Warranty.
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