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Step Ladders & Step Stands

Nothing’s out of reach with step stools, step ladders and extension ladders from C&H. Have a selection on hand for maintenance, repairs, cleaning, painting, or access to those shelves and cabinets. Plastic step stools give you a leg up when you need a little more height. Choose 1- to 4- step designs, with a weight capacity up to 500 lbs.

Our strong, ANSI and CSA grade step ladders are available in aluminum or fiberglass, as high as 16', with weight capacities to 375 lbs.-many with tool trays and pail shelves. For high walls, sides of buildings, stairs and uneven surfaces we offer extension ladders up to 28' high, with capacities to 375 lbs. Adjustable outriggers can triple the base width for added stability. Or go with a configurable multipurpose ladder that is several ladders in one. The sky’s the limit with high-quality extension ladders, step ladders and step stools from Dixie, Louisville, Little Giant, Vestil and EGA. Fast shipping. 3-Year Warranty.
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