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Recycling Bins & Lids

Cans. Bottles. Glass. Plastic. Compost. Paper. You’re asked to sort it, store it, and get it where it needs to go according to your recycling guidelines. C&H has the answer for every recycling need-large or small, indoors or outdoors.

From small totes and typical containers to a complete, large-scale recycling system. Curbside recycling bins. Slim, space-saving recycling containers. Roll-out containers and large, high-capacity carts. Forkable mobile containers for collecting recyclable scrap in manufacturing facilities. Hamper bags and stands. We’ve got them all, in plastic, steel and stainless steel, in every size and shape. Along with lids with openings to promote proper separation-even lids that transform your 55-gallon drums into ideal recycling containers. Quality products from brands names like Rubbermaid, Excell, Safco, Techstar and Relius Solutions. Ready to ship, with our 3-Year Warranty.
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