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Carpet and Entrance

Do you want to make a grand entrance or just need covering for your floors during messy weather? Commercial entrance rugs, also known as high traffic door mats, can cover areas that are prone to dirt and debris or can keep water off of slick surfaces to prevent accidental falls. Mark your entrance with a custom area rug that that keeps the outdoors from coming in with rubber backing to stay in place or shop anti fatigue mats for employees that stand the majority of the day in industrial or hospitality environments to relieve stress to the legs and back. These commercial entrance rugs are available in many different styles, colors and shapes to accommodate every entryway, hallway or laboratory floor.

Choose commercial entrance rugs that can be placed outdoors with fade resistant fibers that filter dirt away and dry quickly or select an indoor mat with unique grid pattern that scrapes debris and water off of shoes. Your high traffic door mats, when strategically placed, can keep all areas of your business clean and provide an impressive appearance for guests or clients. Select matting systems that provide coverage for large areas offered in square tiles that come 12 to a pack. These high traffic door mats can be custom ordered for specific dimensions or are available in area rugs that are pre-cut.

Do you stand all day working at an industrial plant or instructing new employees and need that extra cushion for your feet? Shop our entire line of anti-fatigue mats that eliminate the stress and strain of standing on a hard surface all day. Find rubber and vinyl materials that give you a spongy surface for relief of tired feet and aching legs. Browse our assortment of pressure relief rugs and all other mats that keep your indoor floors clean, matting systems that can be arranged around existing furniture and equipment, and skid resistant materials that keep you firmly planted to the ground. At you can shop for long lasting flooring that has you covered with most in stock for quick delivery. Call us at 1-888-316-2223 or visit us on the web, we strive to be the industry leader for all of your material handling and storage needs.

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