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Maintenance Tapes

Seems like every task calls for a different type of tape. And that’s the one you just can’t get your hands on. So why not stock up on a full range of maintenance tapes, so you’re not stuck when the need arises? They’re all here, in one place. A huge selection of natural rubber, acrylic and synthetic adhesive tape for every job, every kind of surface-duct tape, electrical tape, foam tape, masking tape, adhesive transfer tape, aluminum foil tape, gaffers tape, anti-stick tape and VHB tape.

Tapes that seal, bundle and repair. Tapes that help prevent slips. Reflective tapes easily seen at night. Clear tapes that you can’t see any time. Tapes that resist weather, detergents, grease and oils. Tapes that warn, direct or instruct. Tapes for all kinds of materials and surfaces. Buy a bunch, you’re sure to use them. It’s the maintenance mantra: So many tapes, so little time.
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