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Magnetic Sweepers & Lifters

Magnetic sweepers and lifters from C&H make life easier anywhere you deal with masses of metal. With a magnetic sweeper, workers don’t have to worry about being poked, jabbed or cut on sharp metal objects while cleaning the floor. Transfer nails, screws, washers and other metal objects from one place to another with a magnetic bulk lifter-and release them just as easily as you picked them up. Move large, heavy metal objects with a handle magnet just by lifting with the handle.

Looking for a great way to store tools, knives and other metal parts? Our magnetic tool holders can hold up to 20 lbs. per square inch! And our super latch magnets use a powerful ceramic magnet to lift, hold, retrieve and suspend heavy objects. Master Magnetics has mastered the art of making magnetic tools. Order yours today. Many are in stock, ready to ship. And, of course, our 3-Year Warranty holds quite an attraction, too.
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