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Bench Mount Vises

Hold it! That’s the sole purpose of a Wilton bench-mount vise. When you need to secure a part or material to work with, you need a bench vise that has a grip that won’t let go. We offer a selection of Wilton bench-mount vises for every job. Small vises. Large vises. Vises for precision work, small parts and a slew of regular shop materials. Order yours to bolt on, or clamp on so you can move it where you need it.

They’re rugged and versatile, with a generous work surface. Powerful, replaceable jaws deliver a strong, hard bite and rock-solid holding capacity. They’re made in America and carry a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee, yet they’re economically priced. We have them in stock, ready to ship. So get a grip. Get a top-quality Wilton bench-mount vise from C&H.
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