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Oil Waste Receptacles

Oily waste rags, solvent cloths, shavings. They’re a necessary byproduct of the manufacturing process. But they don’t belong on work benches or shop floors, or in ordinary waste baskets. They, and other materials subjective to spontaneous combustion, have to be contained safely. Oil waste receptacles from C&H do the job, and they’re in compliance with OSHA regulations and fire codes.

Shop the complete selection of approved steel and high-density polyethylene oil waste cans from C&H. Oil waste cans are available with FM and UL approvals to meet OHSA requirements. Choose floor or bench models. Pick your color and label for easy identification by workers and others, ensuring safe temporary disposal within your facility. Brand-name dedicated oil waste cans, Justrite and Eagle, are in stock for same day shipment, complete with the C&H 3-Year Warranty. Don’t waste a minute-order yours today.
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