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Drum Cabinets

When dealing with flammables, you’ve got to comply with an almost overwhelming number of local, state, and federal requirements. At C&H, you’ll find the space-saving drum cabinets that help you do just that. Protect your workforce by safely securing and storing flammables in accordance with FM, OSHA, and NFPA codes, as well as meeting insurance requirements.

Various styles are available for horizontal or vertical drum storage, some lockable. Check the C&H Drum Accessories section for products that aid in the ease of movement of drums into and out of your cabinets. NOTE: NFPA CODE 30 limits storage in one cabinet to 120 gallons, and only 60 of the 120 gallons can be flammable liquids. California and portions of other localities may require self-closing safety cabinet doors. Please check your local codes before ordering. Your drum cabinet needs will be covered, and your cabinets will be covered-by our 3-Year Warranty.
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