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Convex Mirrors

Do you have a space in your warehouse or hallway that has a blind spot? Convex safety mirrors, otherwise known as concave reflection security, help prevent accidental collisions and provide an extra sense of security around the bend. Keep your employees safe and equipment traffic flowing with mirrors that give a wide angle view without distortion to see oncoming people or machines. These curved convex safety mirrors display a bright image for an excellent visual and can help your company meet safety standards.

Find convex safety mirrors constructed of plexiglass acrylic material that is shatter resistant for healthcare facilities and food processing plants where using glass usage is restricted. Choose heavy duty concave reflection security glass with half domed shape and waterproof rubber seal offering a crisp bright image view around obstacles ideal for outdoor use. Shop our selection of spherical, rectangular or round shaped mirrors with a curved exterior for wide angle views of high traffic areas or for eliminating blind spots in dark corners or aisles for extra security. The concave reflection security is a great way to keep all indoor environments safe and outside lots and docks secure.

Do you want a dome mirror that gives you a 360º view of your office or shop? Shop our line of acrylic or steel full dome mirrors that give you a full view of traffic coming, forklifts passing by 4 way intersections or patients being transported around blind corners. Keep your safety record clean with security and safety mirrors in spherical wide angle shape, dome or panoramic views by Relius Solutions and See-All. These easy to mount and easy to clean mirrors can be found online and ready to ship with our 3 year warranty. Visit for all of your material handling equipment and storage needs and chat live with one of our experts who can walk you through your purchase.

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