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Dock Seals & Shelters

Conserve energy while keeping your dock workers more comfortable and productive. Dock seals and dock shelters from C&H enable you to maintain consistent air temperatures while limiting the amount of air transfer during shipments and deliveries. They’re made to order for your specific dock by Vestil, one of America’s top names in loading dock equipment.

Dock seals are available with 10" to 19" projections, and are made of heavy-duty reinforced vinyl with chemically-sealed ends that prevent outside moisture from seeping in. Dock shelters can be ordered with 18" to 36" projections, and are made of long-lasting, highly abrasion-resistant Vertex V-42 fabric, with foam-filled corner pads for extra sealing action. Our product experts will help you determine exactly what you need to maximize the comfort, productivity and energy savings of your loading docks. And to seal the deal, you’ll have the added protection of the C&H 3-Year Warranty.
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