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Bollards & Covers

In fast-paced factories and warehouses, things are constantly on the move. With all that movement, so much needs protection -- buildings, finished goods, equipment, personnel. Sensitive electrical panels are especially vulnerable to contact with forklifts and pallet jacks. Create tailor-made solutions for every area, every situation, with bollards and covers from C&H. Steel or stainless-steel bollards are rust, chemical, and crack resistant. Diameters vary from 4" to 6" for just the right toughness and durability. Heights range from 24" to 53".

Options include slots for chain link barriers. High-density bollard covers add an extra measure of protection in a variety of diameters, colors, and exterior designs. Rely on quality bollards and bollard covers from name brands including Eagle, Vestil, and our own Relius Solutions. Your bollards and covers ship quick-and they’re covered by our 3-Year Warranty.
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