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Wire Shelf Trucks

Do you need a way to store or transport supplies, boxes or equipment? Heavy duty wire shelf trucks, also referred to as industrial rack carts, provide a solid framework for moving materials and supplies and keeping boxes and bins stored and mobile when needed. Many of our utility carts have steel framework with open shelving that allows air to circulate around materials with less dust and debris collection. You can add accessories to our heavy duty wire shelf trucks, such as shelf liners, to keep smaller tools and items from slipping through the cracks or shop carts with solid adjustable shelves and shelf lip and cage to prevent products from rolling off.

Shop heavy duty chrome wire shelf trucks by Relius Solutions equipped with smart casters that lock in place when you don’t need to be mobile for better control on the warehouse floor or select various colored lightweight utility carts that can be used for specific uses making for easy identification. The open industrial racks carts can be accessed from any side making for simple loading and unloading with the caged units with adjustable shelving being ideal for storage by locking in place breakable components or loose items.

Are you looking for the stability that comes with a heavily constructed steel framed mobile unit? Shop our stainless steel shelf trucks with either adjustable wire or lipped solid shelving that provides durability and sturdiness along with excellent portability. Have the ability to get your equipment or supplies safely to their destination without fear of items falling off or not having enough capacity. Find shelf trucks that are made by leading manufacturers such as Little Giant, Olympic and our own Relius Solutions brand made proudly in the USA. We stand by our quality products and are sure that you will find everything you need in one place. Visit us at for industry leading products and unparalleled customer service.

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