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Appliance Trucks

Find yourself in an awkward position and need to get a bulky item from point A to B? Appliance hand trucks also known as hand dollies for equipment, deliver your package safely and securely, even up steps. Find available steel and aluminum carts that can transport a wide range of weight capacities depending on your load.
These heavy duty appliance hand trucks have cargo straps securing furniture or vending machines with optional features such as front wheel locks that prevent your cargo from moving when you aren’t and provide safe loading and unloading.These appliance hand trucks are handy tools to have around in a warehouse, moving company or any commercial facility.
Choose from our selection of hand dollies for equipment that have either an aluminum or steel frame depending on the load capacity. Shop our aluminum hand trucks for lighter capacity items and have the ability to climb stairs with ease. Find battery powered hand dollies for equipment with heavy duty I-beam construction that make transporting items a whole lot easier.  For moving heavy loads such as vending machines or appliances the steel constructed carts keep items up to 1800 pounds secured with cargo straps and wheels that lock.

Are you looking more for a way to move office furniture, such as folding chairs or filing cabinets? Browse our assortment of furniture trucks and caddies that easily transport chairs, desks and cabinets for office rearranging or ceremony set up. Find your ideal solution from our collection of hand trucks that can service anything from setting up vending items in schools and healthcare facilities to carrying industrial equipment from different warehouses. Whether you need lightweight compact equipment or motorized stair climbers we can find the right fit. Visit us at for a complete line of material handling equipment and storage compartments.

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